There are exciting new dates again in Saarbrücken, Untergrombach and the Höpfner Burgfest!

Our front woman Amy Sue will be guest at the Mahlzeit Club Band on Mai 9th, 2014 at the Soul Night in Saarbrücken. If you are near that, have a look!

On Friday, May 16th we will be playing in the Bundschuh in Untergrombach again. Lorenza (Karls Groove) will be there as a guest vocalist to greatly act in place of Amy Sue!

We did it: On June 7th, 2014 we will be playing from 16.30 to 18.30 on the Höpfner Burgfest! We are extremely happy about this home match and can

announce a great guest to you: Klyive is going to support us musically!

April 27th, 2014