Steffen Liede - Drums

Steffen Liede - Drums

On April 2nd, 1970 I was born as the youngest of three siblings in Bruchsal, Germany. In the age of 7 I learned playing different kinds of flutes, which I continued for 5 years. But my actual wish became apparent, when I soon started drumming on paper boxes and a metal dart board with self carved sticks: I wanted to play the drums.

Being 14 years old I enrolled at the music school in Bruchsal, my mentor there was Mr. Schramm. I stayed with him for 11 years. In 1995 I started the Professional Program of the Modern Music School in Idar-Oberstein, which I completed in 2000 with a diploma. Since then I keep on educating myself with the help of Mr. Fries (Römerberg), Joe Coinzer (Baden-Baden) and Stefan Schütz (Drum Department Stuttgart). Subjects are Latin, Four Way, Percussion and intensifying the basics.

I also play and have been playing in several other bands: Ignez Carvalho, Frau Schlüter, Jazz Orchestra Bruchsal, Rainer Wimmer, Fifty-Fifty and Picture Book. My favorite styles are Latin, Soul, Rock and Bigband.

Among others I have already played in Blumenau, Brasil and Montreux, Switzerland. I have contributed to several CD recordings.

In the age of 20 I took my High School Diploma (German "Abitur"), after that I fulfilled the civilian service. I have once worked as a tax consultant, but (thanks God) I have abandonded it some time ago.

Drumming is my passion, I need it every day!